Spotlight Initiative Liberia 2019-2021 Results Newsletter

September 2022
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Helen Mayelle

With the very generous funding from the European Union, the Spotlight Initiative in Liberia started implementing activities in 2019 focusing on six thematic areas - legislative and policy development and reforms; institutional strengthening to enhance capacities to respond to cases of all forms of violence against women and girls(VAWG); enhancing preventive measures and social and behavior change around harmful social norms and practices; strengthening access to health and social services for women and girls surviving/affected by violence; standardizing tools for data and information collection and sharing to support decision-making and policy work, and working with women's organizations (especially those from the grassroots) across the nation to develop strategic interventions for ending VAWG.

The Initiative, grateful to all partners and supporters, works in direct collaboration with the Government of Liberia, the National Council of Chiefs, Elders and Traditional leaders, civil society organizations, grassroots women's rights advocacy groups, and other development partners and primarily operates in five of the 15 counties of Liberia and these are: Grand Cape Mount, Grande Gedeh, Lofa, Montesserado, and Nimba selected on the basis of their higher rankings in VAWG cases compared to the other counties although sexual and gender-based violence is a nationwide challenge needing urgent holistic attention.  

The report summarizes Spotlight Initiative's achievements and showcases its impact so far in Liberia. It also serves to create advocacy and awareness on the imperative to invest in ending VAWG thus seeking to mobilize further and continuous internal and external support for this vital intervention in Liberia and beyond. 

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