EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN - Journeys out of the ordinary

November 21, 2019

The Spotlight Initiative is launching a photo exhibition to celebrate the strength of women migrant workers in the ASEAN region.

In the margins of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence UNiTE campaign, this exhibition aims to highlight the stories of sixteen migrant women survivors of violence. From Myanmar to Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, these women have decided to fight for their rights and those of their fellow women migrants. Upon their return to their home country, each of them joined grassroots organizations to support the new generations of women migrant workers and to ensure that their migration journey would be safe and fair.

Click on each picture to read and listen to a survivor's story.

Learn more on the Spotlight Initiative 'Safe and Fair' Programme to support women migrant workers' rights and opportunities in the ASEAN region. 

Original article from UN Women Asia Pacific




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