Guided Journeys

Guided journey colours


To support you in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive VAWG programme, we have developed a series of 'guided journeys' through the learning resources on this platform. These are based on user feedback about the most typical programme development activities and processes they need to undertake.

There is one guided journey per main module (on the top menu), which helps you to navigate the various resource pages (left menu) in that module, but also sometimes directs you to relevant pages in other modules as appropriate. Each guided journey is to be found on the main page of that module and is structured as a series of reflection questions that links you step-by-step to different resource pages to support you to develop that aspect of your VAWG programme. 

You can always return to view the full guided journey by clicking on the specific guided journey name to the top left under the main menu bar. You can also return to this page at any time by clicking the guided journey icon and link at the very top of each webpage.